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  • Pam (Only appearance)[1] (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for "Rebel Without a Cause"

With Rebel incapacitated, Iron Man brings him to the one man who might just be able to help: Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Arriving at the Baxter Building, Iron Man is greeted by the Thing and Mr. Fantastic. With Reed's help, Iron Man connect his armor to Rebel's in order to try and view his memories to find out what happened. Reed warns him though, this procedure would connect their life supports and should Rebel die during the process, Iron Man would die with him.

Viewing Conner's memories, Tony learns that he often viewed himself as being constantly having to compete with Tony's fame, fortune and better luck, always doing reckless things to try and prove himself. This would ultimately lose his girlfriend of the time. Tony and Rebel would then begin working on a project to build a suit of combat armor that would eventually lead them to developing the Prometheum Armor. Along the way, Victor von Doom would approach them and show them a newspaper story showing how the Russians beat them to it by creating their own armored warrior: The Titanium Man.

As he goes deeper into Conner's mind, bringing him to a critical point, Tony sees how the night before the big test of the Prometheum Armor that ended in Conner's death, Conner would take the armor out on an unauthorized flight into Russian airspace. There he would easily evade missiles however he would be attacked by the Titanium Man. Despite his armors superior technology, the Titanium Man would have more skill over Rebel and the battle would end with Rebel losing the fight. The damages caused to the suit during that fight would lead to Connor's seeming death. The last memory Tony would see would be Madame Hydra having her minions digging up Rebel's body to use for their ends.

Before he could learn more, Mr. Fantastic unplugs Iron Man from the connection to avoid him dying in the process. Reed explains he didn't want to lose both of them. With Rebel revived and his continued mortality in question, Rebel tells both Reed and Iron Man that no matter what happens next he wants to die a hero.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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