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Synopsis for "Looking Forward"

Tony Stark and Iron Man have returned into the public eye, informing the media that Stark had been imprisoned by terrorists and recently arrested. Iron Man breaks up a robbery at Avalon trading by Vittorio Silvani, and Silvani swears revenge. Later Tony throws a housewarming party at his new Manhattan Tower and the festivities draw old friends such as Pepper and Rhodes along with rivals including Osborne and Bain. Morgan reappears, now head of Stark-Fujukawa's North American operations and asks Tony not to try and retake his old company. After the party Tony goes to inspect a new community center the Maria Stark Foundation is building, where he is ambushed by the Death Squad. He manages to evade them, become Iron Man and drive them off, but their fight wrecks the building. The next day, Tony announces he is not going to try and reclaim Stark Industries from Fujukawa, but is instead moving forward and forming a new company, Stark Solutions, in which he will serve as a freelance problem solver. Many of Stark's business and criminal opponents watch the broadcast, making plans to monitor, control or destroy him.


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