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Quote1.png Oh. Real nice, Mandarin. You can't even have a conversation without weighing the odds in your favor, can you? Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "In the Belly of the Beast!"

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  • Mandarin's Army of Mercenaries (Death)
  • 🢐 Mandarin 🢒 (Main story and recap) (Apparent death)

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Synopsis for "In the Belly of the Beast!"

The Avengers arrive in Russia to aid the Winter Guard. Spotting the Dragon of Heaven as it begins an aerial assault, the two teams of heroes head into the sky to face its threat. The Mandarin holds Iron Man as he explains how he intends to master technology in order to usher in his New World order. When Iron Man accuses the Mandarin of being responsible for the threats he has faced, the Mandarin professes ignorance of the Death Squad, Whiplash and Iron Hand Haupman's activities. Elsewhere, Madame Masque is attacked by an unseen figure who murders her and claims her identity. As the Avengers and Winter Guard continue to battle the Mandarin's forces and attempt to enter the Dragon of Heaven, Vostok tries to use his powers to control the vessel, only be taken over by the dragon instead. Iron Man manages to escape his bonds and reaches the power core of the Dragon; the Mandarin tries to divert him with his Final Guardians but Iron Man ignores him and destroys the core; the Dragon of Heaven is destroyed and the Mandarin is seemingly consumed in the destruction. Iron Man survives this destruction, but is finally overcome by all of his recent injuries and collapses in front of the Avengers.


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