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Synopsis for "To Challenge the Fantastic"

On the moon in the Watcher's home, Iron Man helps the Fantastic Four look for the Invisible Woman. As the FF handle the Watcher's guard robots Iron Man scans for the Invisible Woman, finding her assisting Ronan the Accuser to enter a vault. Iron Man scoops her up and rendezvous with the rest of the FF, where Mr. Fantastic realizes that Ronan has enslaved her. They're distracted by an explosion. In Casablanca, Rhodey tries to track down an old acquaintance, but is attacked by mercenaries. He quickly fights them off. Ronan attacks Iron Man and the FF with his newly acquired Psyche-Magnetron, but Mr. Fantastic realizes that the Invisible Woman is subject to anyone's orders, not just Ronan's. With her help, they're able to hold off Ronan. In Seattle, Happy talks to the athletic center youths, finding the experience helps restore some of his damaged self-esteem. Hannah thanks him over coffee and asks him to come back. Mr. Fantastic jury-rigs a weapon that Iron Man uses to separate Ronan from the Psyche-Magnetron, but the resulting energy backlash activates Mr. Fantastic's fold-space transceptor, teleporting the FF away. Iron Man grabs Charlotte Jones and takes her to the Starcore lunabase, while Ronan escapes with blueprints for the Psyche-Magnetron.


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A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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