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Synopsis for "Exploded View"

Iron Man tests his newly upgraded armor with the help of the navy and their missiles, then heads home. In Seattle, Nitro learns from a newspaper that Stark will be present for a reception where he will unveil plans for the new youth center. Iron Man chats with Dr. Jane Foster-Kincaid and Hank Pym, both of whom are impressed with the upgrades Stark has made to his armor. It's now properly shielded to no longer damage his body, so that his body has started healing properly, and it's collapsible enough to fit in the trunk of his car. Stark tries calling Warbird, but no one is home. He calls Dr. Ramona Napier to see if she'll attend his Puget Sound Youth Project reception, but she's busy. Pepper says she'll go as his date. In London, Rhodey is winged in a surprise attack, but accidentally slays his attacker. Rhodey arrives at a friend's house and woozily asks if he can come in. At the PSYP reception, Stark doesn't do a very good job of winning over the PSYP members. He runs off when a nearby explosion rocks the building. Iron Man finds Nitro harassing the police and attacks. He quickly realizes that Nitro's explosion powers are activated by a specific frequency pulse and replicates it repeatedly, tiring Nitro out. Iron Man knocks Nitro unconscious and hands him over to police, telling them to keep the villain sedated. Stark returns to the PSYP meeting to find everyone gone but his friends, but they explain that Happy won the crowd over before they left. Stark offers Happy a position with the Maria Stark Foundation. Later in a curio shop, Billy Yuan notices a peculiar dragon statue. Meanwhile a reality away, Fin Fang Foom plots his return.


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