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Synopsis for "Your Young Men Shall Slay Dragons"

Iron Man battles Fin Fang Foom, destroying buildings in their wake. Happy hears of the battle on the news and heads for the destruction. Billy attempts to regain control of his body but Foom fights him telepathically. Happy joins the rescue effort while Iron Man distracts Foom, creating multiple fake Iron Men with his image inducer. Foom retreats into the ocean and shrinks in size, confusing Iron Man. A fireman wonders where the people whose homes have been destroyed will go, but Happy says to put them into hotels, and the Maria Stark Foundation will pick up the tab. A reporter asks if he's serious, but Happy just returns to helping people. Stark returns to the Space Needle and apologizes to Dr. Napier. Realizing Billy needs to be distracted, Foom attacks the hospital where his comatose sister Annie is. Iron Man arrives and drives Foom back into the ocean, then commandeers a nearby aircraft carrier's missiles to attack Foom; Yuan sacrifices the last of his psyche to hold Foom in place, so he cannot avoid the attack, and as Foom falls unconscious, Yuan's mind expires within him.

Solicit Synopsis

  • IRON MAN enters the dragon when he faces the fearsome FIN FANG FOOM! To save a city of Seattle, the armored Avenger will have to go toe-to-claw with one of his oldest and deadliest foes - but how can Iron Man hope to defeat a 15-story behemoth?!


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