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  • USS Simon Savage (Only appearance)[1]

Synopsis for "Machinery of War Part One: Sunset Intrigues"

Iron Man lifts Fin Fang Foom out of the Pacific and secures him on an aircraft carrier, where he is greeted by Sunset Bain, who reveals Baintronics have been subcontracted to provide transport assistance for the Navy. Later, Stark holds a party at his place where Sunset hires him. They're interrupted by Abner Little who also wants to hire Stark, but Tony declines. In Brooklyn, an Inspector wonders why two-bit hood Rafe Michel's body has been stolen from its grave. After the party Stark phones Rumiko hoping to see her, but she's in Fiji. Tony wonders how Warbird is doing; at that moment she is battling Golden-Blade and Sapper on the top of a submarine. Iron Man drops in to help, but notices she's drunk. Meanwhile, Rhodey and Glenda fly back to the US. War Machine watches Iron Man and Warbird on the news, but Sunset tells him not to attack them. Iron Man and Warbird eventually overpower Golden-Blade and Sapper, but Warbird's miscalculations cause Sapper to explode. She wakes up in her apartment, where Stark offers her coffee to sober up, and she breaks down asking for his help. At Baintronics, Sunset thinks to herself that she must play Stark carefully, so he never realizes that the source of the artificial intelligence data she wants him to decode will be coming from the stolen head of the robotic Avenger Jocasta.

Solicit Synopsis

  • When TONY STARK goes to work for SUNSET BAIN, IRON MAN heads into battle with WAR MACHINE - whose new origin is revealed in this issue!


Chronology Notes

Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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