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Synopsis for "Machinery of War Part Two: Smart Weapons, Foolish Choices"

War Machine tests his new additional armaments by destroying two fighter jets. Meanwhile, Pepper picks up Rhodey and Glenda at the airport where Rhodey explains he thinks he knows who the new War Machine is: Glenda's husband Parnell. Pepper takes Rhodey & Glenda to Stark's estate, where Glenda insists that Parnell cannot be War Machine, as he promised her he had given up mercenary work. Stark arrives at Baintronics where Sunset explains what she needs him for: a decoding problem with Project Brainpan. Stark begins, secretly intending to circumvent her security to find confirmation she was behind War Machine's attack on Aerodyne; he starts to recognize a pattern in the Al code, but Sunset arrives and distracts him with a kiss. Stark gets back to work and soon realizes he's trying to decode Jocasta, recalling that the last time he saw her was in this same plant after she had been damaged fighting Terminus' construct. He enters the password "Queen of Thebes," unlocking her personality. An alarm warns Sunset that Stark has discovered her secret, and she orders her men to apprehend Stark but he's disappeared. He steals a truck while staying in contact with Jocasta and calls his armor. As he returns as Iron Man he's attacked by War Machine. While they fight Sunset uses an unwilling Jocasta to target her smart weapons on them both.


Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:
War Machine (Parnell Jacobs)

Rampage (Stuart Clarke)

Iron Man (Tony Stark)


Sunset Bain

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