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Quote1.png Once, but no more. Now I am Carnivore-- and you are all my prey! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Thrill of the Chase!"

When Inferno escaped Stark put in an alert to the Avengers, and Jarvis informs him about Thor's recent battle with Juggernaut (Thor Vol 1 17, '98). Elsewhere, Yoshiro Hatchiman and Nicolette Giroux answer calls from gems in hidden temples and are transformed. Meanwhile, Stark de-armors and meets up with the others before racing off to another temple to stop the next transformation. However, once there, Count Zorba is transformed into Carnivore and attacks them; Iron Man holds him back while Dr. Mann deciphers the hieroglyphics to learn about the mystic entities that created the gems to be used by totems to decide which of them was the most powerful. As Decay and Tempest arrive to summon Carnivore to their gathering, they give Carnivore leave to slay Iron Man first; luckily Thor shows up, and the three Exemplars swiftly depart. Dr. Mann tell the two heroes that the have to prevent the eighth and final transformation; once all eight Exemplars have been created, they will each take over an 1/8th of the planet and declare an all-out war.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The Antiquities Society isn't in the habit of cooperating with anyone, but when the armored Avenger shows up on their doorstep demanding answers, they change their tune! And when the near invincible being known as CARNIVORE erupts into our world will even the power of SPIDER-MAN and THOR be enough to stop the dawning of the Eighth Day?!


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