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  • S.S. Joseph C. Gillis (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Ultimate Danger"

Rumiko invites Tony to check out their latest achievement, the SS Gillis, but Tony becomes irate when he learns they're using a dormant Ultimo to power it. Fluffed off and dismissed, Tony heads to Seattle to check on Warbird's drinking problem. He finds her drunk, claiming it helps her get past writer's block in order to finish her new book. When Rumiko calls Tony to say the ship is under attack by Golden-Blade and Sapper, Tony is forced to knock Warbird out so she can't follow and help. Iron Man flies to the ship and fights off the pair, allowing the crew to imprison them but ends up missing his dinner date with Rumiko, who tells Iron Man to inform his employer that she now realizes he considers himself too busy and serious for her. Tony returns home where Pepper comforts him, and they find themselves sharing a kiss. Meanwhile, Sapper's stealing of the ship's energy has caused Ultimo to awaken, and he begins to stir.


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