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  • S.S. Joseph C. Gillis

Synopsis for "Ultimate Fury"

Ultimo awakens and destroys the ship, but Sapper and Golden-Blade help the crew make it to the lifeboats. Meanwhile, Happy stumbles upon Tony and Pepper's kiss, leaving dejected before learning it didn't mean anything to them. Warbird, angry and still drunk, attacks the house; Stark orders Jocasta to seal it to protect Pepper, unwittingly locking Happy inside too. After a running battle Warbird accidentally sends Iron Man smashing through a passenger jet's wing; she fights her stupor long enough to help land the plane before passing out. Having picked up a radio signal about Ultimo awakening, Iron Man gives Carol to a medic, then heads to the ship. Iron Man learns Sapper's connection to Ultimo, and that they were stealing energy from the ship to reanimate Sapper's people in mechanoid form. Ultimo has read Sapper's mind and headed off to finish killing them by destroying Sapper's hidden ship. Iron Man discovers Ultimo's path will head right through Spokane.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Warbird is on a rampage, the mechanical monstrosity called Ultimo lives again, and Iron Man is stuck in the middle! The Armored Avenger is put to the test this issue... but can even he survive these impossible odds?!


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