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Appearing in "The Mask in the Iron Man - Part Three - His Own Worst Enemy"

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Synopsis for "The Mask in the Iron Man - Part Three - His Own Worst Enemy"

Tony figures the lightning mixed with the sophistication of his systems and lack of protection against the Y2K bug caused his armor to come alive. Regardless, he feels it must be deactivated, but the armor tries to talk him out of it and into becoming one; a perfect Iron Man. Meanwhile, Pepper and Happy consider working for Tony might not be a good idea, while Rumiko receives some advice to just follow her heart, and Tony decides to accept the armor's proposal. Whiplash ends up finding Iron Man and the armor takes over despite Tony's wishes; it beats Whiplash into naming his employer as Trevor Donahue, then as the mercenary begs for his life, pleading that he was only doing what he needed to in order to get his son back, the armor kills him, and drops his corpse into the sea.

Solicit Synopsis

Following last issue's cataclysmic events, Tony Stark attempts to make sense of what exactly is happening to his famous armor - only to find that one of his greatest fears has come true. See what happens when technology spins violently out of control.


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