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Synopsis for "The Art of the Deal"

The Dreadnoughts attack Iron Man, informing him that their master demands that both he and his foes must die; Iron Man escapes by tricking the Siege Engineers into shooting the Dreadnoughts, confusing their simplistic programming into reassessing the Engineers as the primary threat attacking them. Iron Man investigates the debris of Stephanie's chalet and finds her and her butler Henri alive in a safe room in the wine cellar, and evacuates them to the hotel Alpine. Returning to the scene of the fight, he finds the gunship has disappeared. Back in Manhattan, Happy is showing Stark Solutions off to Doreen, whose company was just bought by Tony; Happy considers asking Doreen on a date, to Pepper's obvious annoyance. After receiving what little intelligence there is on the Arms Merchant from Pepper, Tony appears on television to announce he and Iron Man are almost ready to catch the Arms Merchant; thousands of miles away, the Mandarin reacts to the news, ordering his agents to redouble their efforts. Iron Man stands guard at the hotel Alpine waiting for an attack and carrying a steel girder. Soon five Dreadnoughts appear and he threatens them with the girder but they melt it to slag; he flings the slag at them but it seems to have no effect. Fleeing, he leads the robots away from the hotel and into the secret plant behind the Dufours facility, where the Siege Engineers and Dreadnoughts are soon locked in combat; Iron Man finds the Arms Merchant and demands he turn over his client was. He notes that the Dreadnoughts have a design flaw with overheating and because of the slag he struck them with earlier, they're almost ready to detonate; the Arms Merchant turns over the list and Iron Man leads the Dreadnoughts out of the facility before they explode. Tony examines the list but it's encrypted to protect the client's identities. Tony and Stephanie have a romantic farewell while Happy and Doreen part ways after their date; however, Doreen calls in to a mysterious employer and promises to have Stark security secrets within a month.


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