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Appearing in "The Man in the Iron Man - Part Five: Blood Brothers"

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  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Robots (Behind the scenes)




Synopsis for "The Man in the Iron Man - Part Five: Blood Brothers"

The armor lets Tony starve and dehydrate, trying to get him to love it like it loves him. When it flies off to answer an Avengers distress call, Tony gets himself free and uses training Captain America gave him to gather his wits, trap a small animal for food, and realize it's the man that makes Iron Man, not the armor. Fashioning some crude weapons and traps, Tony ambushes the armor when it returns, taking advantage of the chink left by Whiplash. Tony tries to pry the faceplate off, but the armor does it for him, revealing a face it plans to cover with synthetic flesh to replace him. Suddenly, Tony experiences another heart attack. He begs the armor to kill him, but instead it rips out its own heart and fuses it to Tony's, dying. Using its husk, Tony sends out a distress beacon with his watch and buries the armor, marking its grave with a cross declaring it was an Avenger.


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