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Appearing in "The Sons of Yinsen - Part One: This 'Ol Heart of Mine"

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Synopsis for "The Sons of Yinsen - Part One: This 'Ol Heart of Mine"

Jocasta analyzes Tony's new heart, and determines it has entirely replaced his and will need frequent recharging. Later, Tony goes over to Rumiko's place to explain recent events and tell her he loves her; she accepts his apology, but still throws him out, telling him to come back later and ask her out like a proper gentleman. Tony receives word from Jocasta about finding the Sons of Yinsen and prepares his old model 04 red and gold armor to alleviate his hesitancy over using his more advanced technology. Stark heads to Kuala Lumpur to stop the Sons' destruction of the city and plows through their Iron Man robots to follow their ship back to the mother ship. Inside, Tony finds statues of himself, Ho Yinsen and others before being welcomed by The Original Twelve. Sun-Tao tells them the reason for their destructive hunting: Wong-Chu is still alive.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Kicking off a new story that will uncover shocking revelations about Iron Man's origin! Unsure of his future, Tony Stark is confronted by a flying city full of... Iron Men?!


Chronology Notes[]

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Ho Yinsen

Sun Tao

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