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Appearing in "Power - Part One: Heroes"

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  • Several unnamed bank robbers (Only appearance)[1]

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Synopsis for "Power - Part One: Heroes"

After a fun night with Rumiko, Tony armors up and heads to a bank to help stop a robbery. After initially getting shut down by the police, Iron Man is allowed in when Speedball flies inside. The heroes take down the robbers and save the hostages, but the robbers appear to suffer a drug overdose. Later, while Tony is recharging his heart, Rumiko surprises Tony by calling to tell him they are attending a costume party that night. Tony reluctantly goes, especially when he learns admission is $10,000 apiece. The party host, Maximus Power, supplies the crowd with a drug that gives them super-powers. Grabbing his armor, Iron Man tries to control the situation, but ends up pounded on by Rumiko who's now a massive brick woman.

Solicit Synopsis

  • A romantic weekend for Tony Stark and Rumiko takes a strange turn when they're invited to the hottest - and strangest - party in town!


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