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Synopsis for "Power - Part Two: Villains"

Rumiko beats on Iron Man, the drug she took releasing her repressed feelings towards his interference in her relationship with Tony. Stark determines she has Absorbing Man's powers, and that Max had been gathering the abilities from various super beings. The fight allows the other partygoers to roam free, forcing Iron Man to chase after the flyers when he learns the dosage was temporary. Power makes his escape in the confusion in Stark's limo, but Stark tracks it. Power uses every vial but telepathy on himself, making him more than a match for Stark's antiquated armor. Stark grabs the telepathy vials and throws them at Power, causing feedback that affects them both. Elsewhere, some time earlier, a farmer couple stumbles upon something that fell from space. Ma, believing it to be an alien baby, demands they take it in and raise it. But, they get more than they bargained for, as back at their house it begins to glow ominously.

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  • How does Dr. Power hand out superhuman powers to ordinary humans? And does his presence signify an even bigger threat to the entire Marvel Universe?


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