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Quote1 Hey... don't you kids have school? Have you seen any living planets around here? And can you explain N'Sync to me? Quote2

Appearing in "Power - Part Three: The Land"

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Synopsis for "Power - Part Three: The Land"

Inside Fours Freedom Plaza, Reed Richards helps decipher the memories of the alien, Max Power, from Iron Man, after Iron Man was telepathically attacked by the now-comatose man. Together, they discover that Max Power discovered that Ego, the living planet, has been sent to Littletown, Nebraska, due to the Maximum Security program initiated on Earth. Iron Man and the Fantastic Four go to Littletown, where everything seems normal at first, but the five soon discover that the whole entire town has been absorbed by Ego. Ego ends the charade and attacks the Fantastic Four, while Iron Man discovers where the source of the Ego-spore is. He discovers that a delusional elderly couple has been taking care of the spore and thinks that it is their child. Iron Man injects the spore with an inoculant to make sure Ego does not set its roots in Littletown, thus slowing down his spread. Ego knocks out everyone and disappears to another part of the planet. Reed comes up with the idea of recompressing Ego back into the state he was put in when he was shipped to Earth, but he will need a cosmic host. Suddenly, the Thing attacks a mysterious man approaching them, who ends up being the Silver Surfer.


Chronology Notes[]

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes[]

  • Although Bob Harras is still listed as Editor-in-Chief in this issue's indicia and letters' page, Joe Quesada has been listed as the new E-i-C in the story's credits.

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