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Quote1 If I knew that being a working stiff was this hard, I'd have given Happy and Pepper raises every month... heck, every week. Quote2
Tony Stark

Appearing in "The Big Bang Theory - Part One"

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Synopsis for "The Big Bang Theory - Part One"

Tony Stark has begun life as mild mannered worker 'Hogan Potts'. There had been strange bombings sent by email lately. He took a subway to work when he had to fight Shocker who had taken the train. Tony had a hard time since he had a barely put together armor. Tony took Shocker down and arrived at work late again. He managed to keep his job. His boss, Miss Handcock, told Tony that she suspects that he may be more than what he appears to be after he fixed her laptop a little too well.

Later, as Iron Man, he was getting some upgrades and then ended up downloading the bomb virus causing Tony to be a bomb.


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