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Quote1.png My name is Tony Stark. I'm an ex-billionaire, ex-playboy, ex-industrialist and current human bomb. Quote2.png
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "The Big Bang Theory - Part Two"

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Synopsis for "The Big Bang Theory - Part Two"

Tony runs out of the Askew Company with his armor slowly ticking down from fifteen minutes. He knew that he had to rush to the Avengers Mansion, take off the armor, and detonate it in the containment field. Along the way, Tony encounters Mr. Hyde, who was sent to ensure his death; Tony fights Mr. Hyde, and quickly outsmarts and defeats him. He continued on his path to Avengers Mansion, flying as fast as he could, but his thrusters gave up on him, and he ended up nearly falling. As he ran, shoving people out of the way, he finally made it to the Avengers Mansion, quickly stripped off his armor, and tossed it into the containment field.

Tony then ducked and waited for the imminent explosion, which never came: the "bomb" was a ruse to get him away from the Askew Company and the real bomb, which detonates and takes the company's building with it.


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