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Quote1 My name is Hogan Potts. I was once a billionaire, playboy, and industrialist by the name of Tony Stark. And now I'm a current Sherlock Holmes wanna-be. Quote2
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Appearing in "The Big Bang Theory - Part Three"

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Synopsis for "The Big Bang Theory - Part Three"

Tony was sifting through the rubble of the Askew Company to figure out how it was blown up and who. After getting data, he figured that someone implanted a bomb in a computer. He flew back home and then went to a company meeting at the Twenty One Twelve Lounge. He tried to get past the bouncer but he didn't believe that he's really Tony. Johnny told Tony that since the bouncer wouldn't let anyone but Ms. Hancock in, she was holding the meeting at the pub down the block.

At the pub, Ms. Hancock announced that while no one died because of Iron Man's warning, the company will be shut down. She expressed her love for her employees and bought them drinks. Later that night, it showed Tony in bed with Ms. Hancock. She confessed that she was attracted to him from the very beginning and she didn't know why. Ms. Hancock said that she wished that she knew how to save her company and Tony regretted that he had stopped being Tony Stark.

Calista was about to kiss him while leaving when Rhodey interrupted them. Rhodey joked that even when Tony was a broke computer nerd, he still gets action. Then, he asked if anything happened to Tony while he was trapped in the Virtual world that made him want to give up being Tony Stark. Tony told Rhodey that everything is fine and that he's over it. After a beep, Tony realized that the tests were done and brought up a complicated lab much to Rhodey's amazement. Rhodey was worried that Tony had gone welfare on him. Tony told him that he did give away his fortune but kept a little for incidentals for gadgets.

After some work, Tony managed to stop another bomb from blowing up. Jostica, showed him that the company responsible for the bombings is the Advanced Corporation. He used Chameleon feature to sneak into the company. He discovered MODOK was in charge of the company and used the bombings to eliminate the competition. They fight and Tony figured that MODOK is very protective of the equipment around him. So, he destroyed it. Then, MODOK showed his consultant, Mr. Ghost.


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