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Iron Man

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Synopsis for "Into the Fire"

Iron Man helps save people across the island as the volcano threatens Isla Suerte. Morgan demands that Iron Man ferry him off the island, but he refuses. Flying above the Sword's damping field, Iron Man contacts Pepper, and learns about Firebrand's origin. Pepper recognizes the armor designs as similar to those of the Arms Merchant. Pepper also learns that Happy told Tony about their divorce and this frustrates their relationship still further. When the Flaming Sword begins looting, they run into Rhodes' impromptu militia, and then Iron Man. The Sword call Firebrand in to battle Iron Man again, and while fighting him, Tony calls up Ramon Napier for advice on how to stop the volcano; she tells him to redirect the lava so he uses his armor's computer to seize control of Firebrand's harness and uses the terrorist's power to carve out a funnel for the lava to flow into the ocean. Firebrand is lost in a lava burst, Flaming Sword escape, but the island is saved, and Rhodes, Tony and Rumiko are thanked by the islanders. Meanwhile in Australia the Black Widow evades pursuers, and calls Stark Solutions, telling Pepper she needs Tony urgently.


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