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Quote1.png Thor gave me that enchanted jewel fragment in hopes that it would be a source of energy to serve mankind, but now it's become a weapon... and I may have to use it against my friend. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Standoff - Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Standoff - Part Two"

Thor and Iron Man continue their standoff in Slokovia. Iron Man flies off, when Doctor Doom patches in and tells Iron Man they they should meet. Doom and Tony meet in Latveria, where Doom tells him that he should power a suit of armor with the Asgardian power source given to Tony. He tells Doom, that there is no such thing. Meanwhile, Thor and Balder talk about how the Slokovian army still has not withdrawn, and on the news there are reports of anti-Thor groups popping up now, almost as fast as the pro-Thor groups. Back at Stark International, Tony arrives and he does indeed of a specialty suit of armor for taking on Thor - powered by the energy source given to him by Thor a few issues ago. But while they are discussing that, spies steal the plans and transport them to Doctor Doom. Iron Man, now in his Thor-buster armor, goes back and stands toe-to-toe with Thor. Using his power source to absorb and re-channel the energy used against him. As the army begins to move in, they are stopped by Captain America, who states that they are too far gone to stop now. And as mystic hammer collides with iron fist - an explosion devastates the surrounding area.


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