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Synopsis for "The Hunt"

Tony and Yvette are attacked by Whiplash in France; Tony gets Yvette to safety than fights Whiplash as Iron Man, learning during the fight that Whiplash has lost custody of his child. Whiplash manages to outfight Iron Man but has no interest in him, having been hired to kill Stark. At Stark Solutions, Happy accidentally discovers a bug in the office. Pepper quickly tries to warn Tony, but Tony is cornered by the Espionage Elite; they deprive him of his briefcase and then beat him en masse while the Spymaster observes; the Black Widow comes to his rescue and drives off the Elite; but she finds Tony unconscious, his heart no longer beating.


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Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Espionage Elite (except for Doreen)

Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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