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Quote1.png Okay, here's the bottom line, buckos! You both screwed up. All three of us did, if you count me for not slapping some sense into you two a long time ago. We got six hours to un-screw things up. Quote2.png
Sal Kennedy

Appearing in "Execute Program (Part IV of VI)"

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Synopsis for "Execute Program (Part IV of VI)"

A secret government star-chamber led by Nick Fury concludes that Iron Man has gone rogue and Tony Stark must take measures to clear his name. Breaking Maya out of prison and seeking advice and help from Sal, they try to isolate what is happening to Tony. The deadly agenda of a mysterious hooded assassin continues to his next target with the Global Peace Summit hanging in the balance as all Hell breaks loose when the Sentry finds Stark.


  • Robert Montoya was apparently one of the people killed by Mallen during the "Extremis" affair.

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  • Tony shaves his beard and dyes his hair blond in the story.

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