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Quote1 Every super hero is a potential gun... and the last time I checked, guns required registration. Quote2
Iron Man

Appearing in "Execute Program (Part VI of VI)"

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Synopsis for "Execute Program (Part VI of VI)"

The sudden death of the son of Ho Yinsen triggers a pre-programmed protocol inside of five select Iron Man armors; specifically the armors used as part of Tony's Project Argonaut initiative. The Armors go rogue and begin causing widespread devastation across the globe. Tony gets back to his Extremis-enhanced armor and flies off to counter the other armors.

One suit of armor is igniting the Berri oil fields in Saudi Arabia. The Fantastic Four arrive to help the workers and also to prevent the armor from breaching the water table, thus sending tons of oil into the gulf.

In the Pacific Ocean near Guam, the Sub-Mariner is attacked by Tony's aquatic armor. Iron Man arrives and helps the Sub-Mariner out, even though he insists that he could have handled the situation just fine on his own.

Afterward, he coordinates his efforts with Nick Fury who directs him to the sight of the tunneler armor near a nuclear power plant in Moscow. After taking care of that problem, Tony hears about the crisis in Saudi Arabia. He flies there and engages the Stealth Armor. Grabbing it, he flies it high into the atmosphere, where he dismantles the armor as much as possible. Afterward, he relies upon the Human Torch to finish it off.

The largest threat however comes from a new Hulkbuster armor which is creating havoc in Times Square. The New Avengers are present, but are unable to stop the juggernaut on their own. Iron Man flies there and battles with it, but he realizes that each armor is actually controlled by his subconscious. For every action he takes, the armor instinctively knows how to combat it. The only way to stop it is to sever the connection. To accomplish such a thing, Tony Stark has to die. He turns his repulsors against himself and sends a 10,000 volt charge into his heart. With Tony temporarily dead, the opposing armor is rendered inert.

After thirty-seven minutes, a medical crew are actually able to restart Tony's heart, but even this is only made possible due to the neurological effects of the Extremis compound inside his system. As always, Tony is wracked with guilt over the fact that his inventions caused so much turmoil.


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