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Tony Stark

Appearing in "Extremis Part III of VI"

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Synopsis for "Extremis Part III of VI"

Tony Stark and Maya Hansen are on board Stark's jet. He asks her to divulge full details concerning the Extremis project. Maya tells him that Extremis basically re-writes a subject's DNA, improving on the physical specimen as a whole and eradicating all elements that would cause entropic decay. One of the side effects, of course, is the development of super powers. It has never been tested on a live human subject – until now.

Tony leaves Maya and switches into his Iron Man armor. He tracks Mallen's movements to a van cruising along the interstate. He sets his repulsors at 40% and shears the van in half. He then lands and instructs Mallen to surrender – but Mallen advances. Iron Man blasts him directly with the repulsors, but this proves ineffective. Mallen grabs Tony's gauntlet, crushing it in his bare hands. He then throws Iron Man into a car. Iron Man comes back, but Mallen punches him full in the chest and actually pierces the chest plate armor. Iron Man stumbles backwards as Mallen lifts a car. He's ready to finish him off.


  • In this issue, the terrorist's name is Mallen, whereas last issue, his given name was Madden.

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  • There is a flashback sequence showing Mallen as a young boy. In the flashback, FBI agents raid the Mallen home and mercilessly kill his family. This scene is reminiscent of the slaughter conducted by FBI agents in Ruby Ridge, Idaho in August of 1992, when they raided the home of the Weaver family.
  • The Extremis story arc was adapted in a motion comic mini-series comprised of 6 episodes called "Iron Man: Extremis". The mini-series was created by Marvel Knights Animation and released on iTunes in April 16, 2010.

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