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Iron Man

Appearing in "Execute Program (Part II of VI)"

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Synopsis for "Execute Program (Part II of VI)"

While arms dealer Dennis Kellard flies across the North Atlantic on a French passenger jet, a mysterious hooded individual in London executes a command on his laptop. Immediately afterward, something attacks the passenger jet, shearing the cockpit away from the rest of the plane. All of the passengers, including Kellard, are killed.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. receives word of Kellard's death. Although the situation triggers a red flag in his operations, he is currently involved in a surveillance operation against one of Kellard's known associates, the Colombian weapons broker Ara Tanzerian. Fury notes that both men have links to Tony Stark.

A short time later, the super-villain known as Graviton tries to escape from the Raft prison facility. The New Avengers arrive on the scene and engage Graviton in combat. Spider-Man is injured by Graviton's attack, but Iron Man arrives and unleashes an excessive amount of energy from his chest-beam against Graviton. Captain America has to pull Iron Man back less he accidentally (or intentionally) kills him.

That evening, Tony Stark arrives at Avengers Tower for a team meeting. Jessica Drew notes that Tony is twenty-two minutes late; an accusation that Stark vehemently denies. Wolverine takes a couple of verbal shots at Tony and Stark springs into a rage. He is ready to take Wolverine on one-on-one. Tempers cool, but Jessica doesn't understand Tony's sudden aggressive demeanor.

In Cali, Colombia, an assassin approaches the villa of Ara Tanzerian. He massacres Tanzerian's men and slaughters Tanzerian, hanging his corpse between two palm trees. The S.H.I.E.L.D. surveillance team converges on the scene, but they are too late. They witness Iron Man flying away from Tanzerian's villa.


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