Quote1.png My God, what have I done? Quote2.png
-- Tony Stark

Appearing in "Execute Program (Part III of VI)"

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  • Various military vehicles

Synopsis for "Execute Program (Part III of VI)"

Tony is reviewing recent events while Nick Fury briefs a government group on Stark's agenda. Stark reveals himself spying on the meeting, and to clear his name he goes to jail.

Meanwhile a cloaked figure with a USB enabled pendant activates a program. Tony's armor assembles and flies out of Fort Knox. Just as a cease-fire is called between the U.S. army and a camp of terrorists in Iraq the suit flies in and kills every one of the terrorists. When the suit lands it is revealed the man inside is Tony Stark!


  • The Sentry only appears in the closing panel.
  • One narrative refers to Tony as "Anthony Stark, Jr." This is actually incorrect, as his father's name was Howard Stark, not Anthony Stark, Sr.
  • Issue includes video footage of events that took place in issue #8.

Legacy Numbering


  • Tony's prison number is "031963". March 1963 is the month that the original Iron Man comic {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|comic| | }} was published.

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