Quote1.png Now, my armor tells me that your blood alcohol is wayyyy high. Trust me. It's a bad idea to be using any powers in your state. Quote2.png
-- Iron Man

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Synopsis for "Inhumanity"

Two months ago, Victor Kohl is the black sheep of his family. When the Terrigen Mists were released onto Earth, the Kohl Family went through Terrigenesis while Victor didn't. While they were transferred to a Inhuman Nativity Center, he grew resentful because he thought he was adopted, as he didn't change.

Meanwhile, Tony and Arno Stark discuss about Bruce Banner's failed attempt to get rid of the Terrigen Mists released into the atmosphere. And Tony stated they must also find the rings of the Mandarin.

In the virtual communication nexus of the rings, the rest of the rings are meeting to demand the Nightbringer Ring to find its host, as the rest of the rings already found their own. Nightbringers stated he wanted to find the best host possible, and cuts connection in order to do so.

Back to the past, Kohl's family is taken to custody, while he remembers the problems he had, to the point of stealing his brother's new laptop. One night watching a TV interview of Medusa, the Inhuman Queen, he concluded that he didn't suffer from Terrigenesis because he didn't had blood ties with his family, and got furious because of that.

In Troy, the Stark brothers activated a system to pick up energy emissions of the rings in order to find them, but as nothing was found, Tony realized the system wasn't sensitive enough to find the ring's normal energy emissions, but if the system got a peak of energy, they will know instantly where they are.

The Nightbringer continued his search for its host, travelling around the word and spying, observing on the possible hosts it could've had, and concluding whether to chose them or not. The rings rejected the following possible hosts: Medusa, considering she had little grudge against humanity and she had a powerful will; Longshot, because he didn't have real desire to destabilize Earth and because he had four fingers in each hand and the ring would fit awkwardly; Hulk, because of his emotional inestability, because he worked closely with the ring's enemies and could be disovered easily, and because of his size of finger when in Hulk form; Venom, because the symbiote could try to gain control over the ring itself; and the Red Skull, because his agenda after destroying society didn't complain with the ring's parameters, and because with his psychic powers, he was unlikely to be influenced by the ring's will.

In the present, Victor is drunk outside the Inhuman Nativity Center where his family was taken, and after returning to his house one hour later, he was confronted by the Nightbringer. The ring concluded Victor possessed the necessary will, and choose him as its host, the Mandarin Five. Still under the influence of alcohol, Victor attacked the Inhuman Nativity Center. Iron Man arrived to stop him, as Victor controlling the ring generated a peak in the ring's energy emission, but was engulfed in a sphere of dark enegry by Victor. Using setellite feeds, Iron Man manged to target Victor and shot him in the shoulder with a laser. After being liberated from the sphere of dark energy, Iron Man realized Victor's rampage destroyed many of the Inhuman cocoons, thus killing the people inside them.

The Nightbringer determined Victor was incapacitated, and used a portal to escape. Beneath the surface, the ring told Victor to recover, but he soon suffered from Terrigenesis, for his surpirse. After resurfacing from his coccon, Victor is confronted by Medusa, who showed him the rests of his father, who was killed during Victor's rampage, and exiled him from the rest of the Inhumans, as Inhumans do not kill each other. Victor blamed himself for what he did, but the ring managed to make him blame Tony Stark from not stopping him when he was rampaging drunk. The Ring also suggested Victor's new supervillain nickname, the Exile.

Solicit Synopsis


• Who will be the next MANDARIN?!

• Will an INHUMAN threaten Tony’s plan to build the city of tomorrow?

• More mysteries of the rings revealed!!!


  • This issue features a spelling error in its dialogue. When Iron Man confronts Victor Kohl, a line of his reads "Now, my armor tells me that you're blood alcohol is wayyyy high."

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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