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Iron Man

Appearing in "Believe 5 of 5: Men of the World"

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Synopsis for "Believe 5 of 5: Men of the World"

Resilient's lab has made a new phone, Tony is disappointed, wishing instead to work on giving the world free energy. Pepper reasons the final Extremis signal must be in orbit, but Tony already suspected so - it's his old friend Eli Warren.

Soon, Iron Man arrives at the orbital station, with a shielding arm and rockets grafted to his armor. He threatens his way in, and Eli introduces his crew of scientists and thieves, all upgraded with Extremis (stolen from A.I.M) to thrive better in low-gravity environments and survive on planets with less than ideal conditions. Tony genuinely wants to help Eli, sharing his wish to send man to space - but if he can just walk in and take the Extremis kit, so can Red Skull, Doctor Doom or another genocidal maniac. The crew all raise electrical weapons against him, but his shielding easily absorbs the shots and he returns with a taser that stuns them. Iron Man destroys the Extremis kit and leaves, still not feeling like the good guy.

A couple of weeks later he talks with Pepper over dinner. He thinks about what people have done with Extremis, what he would do with it, which turns out to be small things, but he wants to travel and get inspired. If what he's done so far in life is still less than he could do, it's not enough, of course. Pepper just thinks he has a mid-life crisis, telling him to go for it - just come home safely.

In his lab, Tony dons his new Space Armor: Mark III, back in familiar red and gold colors. He names his new A.I. "P.E.P.P.E.R.", so it can remind him of home. He takes off for space to meet up with the Guardians.

Solicit Synopsis

• EXTREMIS plus the final frontier equals universal doom!

• Will Tony have to betray an old friend?

• The debut of the All-New Space Armor!


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