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Quote1 Well, let's say this... The purple space girl thing has its appeal too. Quote2
Iron Man

Appearing in "The Godkiller: 1 of 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

Races and Species:


  • Voldi Tear (First appearance)
    • Voldi Citadel of Rupture
    • Veritina's Palace



Synopsis for "The Godkiller: 1 of 3"

Iron Man successfully defends an artificial world from a pirate fleet and is granted an audience with Veritina, Princess of the Voldi. During his stay at the Voldi Citadel of Rapture, Iron Man and Veritina share a few drinks. He even catches a glimpse of Death's Head, a robot who is said to be the most effective bounty hunter ever.

As she takes Iron Man to her palace, she explains that her species possess a relic, the Heart of the Voldi, that can absorb power from many cosmic entities. The Heart has allowed them to expand and spread their influence across the stars.

Veritina takes Iron Man to her personal quarters, where they plan to spend the night together. Tony takes his helmet off, causing Veritina to finally see his face. Disgusted by Tony's face, Veritina demands that he leave her palace. Confused, Iron Man is about to leave until he is arrested by robotic guards under the charge of deicide.

Later, Tony is stripped of his armor and placed on a cell. The Supreme Justicar of the Voldi arrives at his cell and charges Tony for the crime of killing their god: the Void Falcon, the Phoenix.

Solicit Synopsis


• Tony Stark. In Space. In a bar. With the ladies. What could go wrong?

• Is Tony guilty of a crime he’s not even aware of?

• A shocking start to an all-new, all-different direction for IRON MAN.


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