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Quote1.png So, Tony. You killed their "God". Nice one. But don't worry. I'm sure the Voldi will just freeze you in carbonite and eventually your friends will turn up and pull you out of this mess. And then you'll get to make out with the princess. It's all going to be fine. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "The Godkiller: 2 of 3"

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Synopsis for "The Godkiller: 2 of 3"

Tony sits alone in his cell until a robot brings him a drink. The robot identifies himself as Rigellian Recorder 451. He explains that all Recorders experienced memory wipes after they fulfilled their designated functions, but he had a bug that caused him to retained all the knowledge he acquired. After eons of obtaining data, 451 escaped from his home to experience the wonders of the universe by himself.

He says that he has already contacted Tony's friends but they will not arrive before the Voldi vivisect him. Instead, he tells Tony of a way he can escape punishment: Shay-Tah Run, trial by combat. In this way, Tony can fight several opponents as a way to get a pardon from his charges. 451 admits that at some point, Tony will get tired and some lucky enemy will get him. Therefore, 451 wants Tony to draw the audience's attention so that 451 can get Tony's armor and give it to him.

At the trial, Tony demands his right for Shay-Tah Run and the Justicar agrees. The plan works as expected and Tony easily defeats his opponents. As the combat drags on, one of the Justicar's servants suggests an idea for an opponent, but he admits they will have to give him money.

Meanwhile, 451 reaches the chamber at which the Heart of the Voldi is located. One of the guards spots him and 451 reluctantly orders the mechanohoputes, the Voldi's robotic guards, to kill him.

At the arena, Tony is about to fight his next opponent, Death's Head.

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• THE SHI’ARD - race of aliens related to the Shi’ar - accuse Tony Stark of killing their god.

• That god was the Phoenix itself!

• Can Tony trust the ancient alien machine that has offered to help him?


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