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Iron Man

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Synopsis for "Let Us Now Cross Over"

Brief Synopsis

Iron Man and Avro-X make their way through many dangerous traps inside Taa II while looking for a control area to disable the ship's defense systems. They face two Punisher robots, and Tony manages to deal enough damage to them they self-destruct. Stark is acting almost maniacally due to being high on morphine. As they continue their incursion, the duo has a casual conversation about Colin's home province of Manitoba. They hear a perimeter alarm and they separate so that Tony can go see whether it's his allies or Korvac who have arrived while Colin keeps looking to disable the security. The arriving ship turns out to be Korvac's, and Iron Man confronts the villain. Korvac unleashes the Human Torch on Stark, but Avro-X comes to his aid. Blizzard freezes Colin's legs and Korvac then disintegrates him. Iron Man lashes out and tears off Korvac's arm, but he is subsequently taken down by the villain's acolytes and left at the verge of death. Tony's allies crash into the scene aboard the ship, but Stark lies on the floor unconscious.

Detailed Synopsis

Iron Man and Avro-X have arrived on Taa II. The interior is tinged by red alarm lights, which are accompanied by a robotic voice announcing the intruders' presence and that the ship will initiate its elimination protocols. Tony asks B.O.S.S. to scan the area for some kind of master control area, and the duo proceeds to crouch around the ship. As they approach some kind of spire-shaped machine, B.O.S.S. alerts Stark the scan has failed due to its range limitations. Tony asks Colin if he can do a sweep, but he explains his armor is not advanced enough. A bright red light flashes, and Iron Man guides Avro-X into a hallway right as they manage to dodge an array of lasers. They are suddenly blocked by a spiked wall. Without hesitation, Tony flies horizontally toward a vent on the ceiling. Although Tony warns Colin to move, the wall shoots several spikes at him before he can react, and two of them perforate his armor at the abdomen. Though hurt, Avro-X shakes off the injury, pressing his hand on it, and tails Tony. Stark continues flying up while navigating lasers being fired by a swarm of drones and singing a song under his breath.

As he flies through the vent, Tony notices an assembling unit putting the finishing touches on a Punisher robot. It steps out of the capsule, stating that Tony is an unknown variable whose intentions are unknown. Tony attempts to whimsically explain the situation, but the robot stretches its arm, punching him into a wall. As he climbs through the vent, Avro-X shoots at the robot in the back, but the creature extends its other arm and swats him away. Part of the robot's mass extends like a liquid, forming a duplicate of itself. Tony flies into one of the Punishers, shattering its face. The other Punisher runs toward Avro-X and grabs him by the neck. As the Punisher that Tony attacked is reconstituting its face, Tony jumps on its back, joking about its batteries being backward, and begins to pull apart components from the hole that Colin had made in its back. The robot begins to rotate at the torso at incredibly high speeds as Tony tries to find its feedback circuit. Since he is about to pass out, Tony resorts to smashing his fist into the back of the Punisher's head. With the creature stopped, Tony flies toward Colin, who remains in the grasp of the other Punisher. Iron Man flies through the robot's torso, breaking it in half, and the Punisher announces it will self-destruct. Tony tells Colin to move, and a giant explosion sends them hurling into the air.

In the ground, Tony and Colin take a break and sit down as dust from the explosion keeps falling down. Tony asks Colin which part of Canada he is from, and he mentions he's from Manitoba. As Stark talks about wishing to visit it, he tells Richard to duck. Three giant circular blades come flying and hit the wall above Tony and Avro. The duo walks away, and Colin jokes about being hesitant to go vacationing to Winnipeg. He asks Tony if he is okay, and Stark admits that he is on a lot of morphine. As the two cross a narrow beam above a chasm, Tony also contemplates the scale and danger of their current mission. The two take flight, and Avro-X tells Tony about polar bear tours in Churchill. Tony and Avro fly into a cylindrical tunnel, and Colin tells him about the town's security measures for polar bears. Tony and Colin exit the tunnel, and when they land they hear a new alarm warning that the ship's perimeter has been breached. Deducing that it's either Korvac or his allies, Tony rushes to the docks, and tells Avro to keep looking for the master controls to shut down the defense systems.

Outside in space, Korvac's ship is taking evasive action against energy beams coming from Taa II. Unicorn suggests punching a small force-field window just forward of an armature, and his master tells him to proceed with caution. Korvac checks up on the Controller to get him to open a hatchway. Via comms, the Controller tells him that he has gotten inside the access systems of Taa II and is opening one of the bays. Back in Taa II, Iron Man is riding a transport belt that B.O.S.S. has found, and the A.I. warns him about its excessive speed. Somewhere else, Avro-X emerges from a hatch into what looks like a server room. Unsure to determine which controls what, he opts to fire at everything.

The transport belt takes Tony to one of Taa II's docks just as Korvac's ship makes a hard landing. Korvac and his acolytes exit the ship, and he warns them of the ship's defenses. Tony concurs with Korvac, causing the villain to notice him casually leaning on a wall. Korvac wonders if this is where Tony had disappeared to since their last meeting, and Tony alludes to his run-in with Stilt-Man, calling him another misguided creep who thought he was God. Stark notices Jim Hammond among Korvac's acolytes. Korvac assures him that he has seen the light, and Tony snickers at him. Jim flames on and attacks at Tony with a stream of fire, calling him an upright worm. Tony recognizes the insult from before as his armor guards him from the attack. Avro-X appears from the side and points his blasters at Hammond, ordering to let Tony go. Blizzard freezes Colin's legs and Korvac charges up his hand. Tony tries to get Hammond's attention, and Colin tells him that he can still pull the trigger. Korvac contests this by firing a blast of energy at Avro-X, disintegrating him as Tony screams "No!" With his armor smoldering from the Human Torch's attack, Tony lashes out and lunges at Korvac. Chastising for killing for fun and calling him a false god, Tony rips off Korvac's left arm as it is charging up and impales him with it. As the villain's acolytes react in shock, Tony dashes away from Korvac and fires repulsor blasts at Hammond and Blizzard. However, Unicorn fires an energy blast at Tony, tearing off his faceplate. The Controller punches Tony in the face. Stark falls down and his eyes roll back as he loses consciousness. A new perimeter alarm blasts off. The Controller holds Tony from his neck. Korvac gets back up, and tells him to stay his hand since Tony is already dying. Tony spits blood in the Controller's face, and Korvac tells his acolyte to rest easy, expressing that Tony has earned to witness something beatific before he dies.

The ship with Tony's allies on board is approaching Taa II. War Machine states that he has a lock on B.O.S.S., and Hellcat wonders how did Tony get there before them. Rhodey points out that Taa II is rising force-fields directly in front of them, and Hellcat orders him to speed so they can get inside before they finish forming. Rhodey says that it's suicidal, prompting Hellcat to tell him not to use that word again with her and to double down on the order to speed up. Rhodey mentions that they have no place to land, and Patsy tells him to use missiles to make one. Rhodey alerts the rest of the passengers that they will experience turbulence, and fires two rockets. They explode right behind Korvac and his allies, and the ship tumbles down the hangar. Although free from the Controller's grasp, Tony lies on the floor unconscious.

Solicit Synopsis

Iron Man is a long way from Earth. He now stands on the decks of Galactus' worldship, Taa II, in deep space, and though he doesn't have to face the World-Eater himself this time around, he certainly has to deal with the ship's most brutal and lethal defenses. If he manages to survive those, it's only a matter of moments before Tony Stark will have to turn around and confront his fiercest foe of recent memory, KORVAC. Tony must also face the mad android's zealous disciples, all of whom have a personal ax to grind with the Golden Avenger—THE CONTROLLER, UNICORN, BLIZZARD and their most recent addition, a robotically enslaved ORIGINAL HUMAN TORCH. This showdown has been a long time coming, but Tony wasn't counting on five-against-one odds. Tony needs backup. Tony could use some friends.


  • As per its corner box legacy numbering, this issue corresponds to Iron Man #637.
  • In this issue, Tony Stark reveals that his Zodiac sign is Gemini, meaning he was born between May 21 and June 20. Tony has never had an established birth date in the comics, and the only previous indicative (since then retconned by this issue's revelation) was the recap page for Patsy Walker: Hellcat #3 labelling him as an Aries (March 21 and April 19). Tony being a Gemini in the comics means that it's possible for him to share birthday with his counterpart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who has an established birth date of May 29.
  • As the Punisher robot attacks Tony, he jokes that it must be a Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the Zodiac sign opposite of Gemini.
  • When Jim Hammond attacks Tony while under Korvac's control, he calls Stark an upright worm. Tony expresses that he feels like he has heard that before. This is a callback to Iron Man (Vol. 6) #5, in which Korvac compares Tony to an upright worm when belittling him.
  • In the panel in which the ship with Iron Man's allies approaches Taa II, the tail of War Machine's speech bubble mistakenly points to Taa II instead of Stark's ship.
  • This issue ends with the quote "Beautiful dreamer / Awake unto me..." credited to Stephen Foster instead of the standard "To be continued..." These are two lines from the song "Beautiful Dreamer", which is also the song that Iron Man sings while dodging the laser-firing drones.


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