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Quote1 Look around you, Tony. I don't see Korvac anywhere. In fact, when it comes to big scary cosmic beings hell-bent on conquest...I only see you. Quote2
War Machine

Appearing in "Farewell, My Space Friends"

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Synopsis for "Farewell, My Space Friends"

Brief Synopsis[]

The news report on the chaos caused by the Iron God enhancing the collective brainpower of every New York City citizen. Illnesses are being cured, renewable is being discovered and students are dropping out of school. The stock market is in crisis, and many people are using their new abilities to break the law. With most of the NYPD on a mission to colonize the Moon, the Iron God is holding lawbreakers prisoner and reducing their intelligence.

Hellcat and Doctor Doom convene with the Space Friends at the terrace of her apartment, here he has set up a machine to depower Stark. They are joined by the Silver Surfer, who is meant to power the device. At a conference, Tony is being hounded by people due to the consequences of his actions, so he decides to make the entirety of the city agreeable towards him to ease off the pressure. Tony arrives at Patsy's apartment and encounters the Space Friends, who are being protected from Stark's influence by Doom's magic. They pretend to be agreeable, but Patsy quickly snaps at Tony and reproaches him. With their cover blown, the Silver Surfer and Doom jump down to stop Tony. Angered by their betrayal, Stark uses his powers to destroy the machine and effortlessly kill all of his allies, one by one. When he gets to War Machine, Rhodey calls out Tony on his need for always being right and his refusal to rid of his cosmic powers despite the threat of Korvac being over, expressing that Tony always had more than he needed. After Tony breaks Rhodey's neck with a punch, Hellcat braces for her turn. Tony snaps out of it and breaks down crying.

Detailed Synopsis[]

A newscaster named Robin Stroud is reporting on the news of Tony Stark using the Power Cosmic to raise the collective brainpower of every New York City citizen. At the Manhattan City Hospital, thirty-four diseases have been cured by physicians, and eleven others by average people. The city's landfills are being converted into "Refusium," a new renewable fuel source discovered by a longshoreman named Greg Neighbors. Every New York school is reporting the highest average test score in the world, but students are walking out due to boredom. Panic overtakes the stock market as it has been massively destabilized, risking an economic recession. Five separate bank branches in the city have fallen victim to brillian thievery; a helicopter reporter overlooks a building where there is a missing portion of the structure that is perfectly sphere-shaped. Accompanied by a showcase of eight different mugshots from diverse people, Stroud informs that fourteen different New Yorkers have suddenly tried to take over the world in the last seventy-two hours. Panning to a prismatic structure floating above the city, Stroud states that the Iron God has built a special holding area for those using their new intellectual prowess to break the law and his own moral code. Stroud also mentions that this comes as much of the city's law enforcement has fallen to Stark and other heroes, due to nearly the entirety of NYPD banding together to form their own private space program called "Blue Moon." On a rooftop, an astronaut prepares to board a police car that has been retrofitted with a rocket engine. After several escapes from the Iron God's prison, Stark has reduced the IQ of every prisoner inside his holding area to eighty. In a futuristic-looking lounge inside the detention center, people wearing green jumpsuits are sitting at tables reading. As the screen returns to Stroud, she suddenly admits that she doesn't care about any of this, and announces she's quitting her job, since she finds it beneath her. She reveals she has invented a method of space/time teleportation and has just founded an intergalactic shipping corporation valued in the trillions. She signs off, waving into the camera as she teleports away.

Hellcat is watching the news at her apartment, sitting on a couch. Behind her, the voice of Doctor Doom tells her that Stark is causing havoc and reassures her that they're doing the right thing. Patsy turns around to Victor sitting on an armchair reading a book. She points out that that is his opinion, and that he doesn't have a Latverian dictator sitting in his living room. Victor reiterates that Stark must be stopped for the good of the world and the universe. Patsy tells him it's time to meet the rest of the team and asks him to bring a set of napkins on the counter, but he refuses. Patsy jokes that they will use his cape instead then as she picks up a pair of pizza boxes. She asks Doom if the spell is in place, and he confirms it. Patsy steps into her rooftop courtyard, where the Space Friends are waiting for her. They are impressed by her home, and Walker hesitantly explains that her mother was a successful writer, but dodges further inquiries. Her teammates are taken aback when they see Doctor Doom come from behind her. As they continue walking into the terrace, Patsy tries to reassure the skeptical heroes. Doom claims to have spent days preparing a foolproof plan to depower Stark. War Machine asks why do they need Doom when they all now have intellects to match his own. Patsy explains that since they have Tony's abilities, he will see whatever they do coming. Both Frog-Man and Halcyon question why do they need to stop Tony, the latter having used his new intellect to build wrist chips that translate and speak his signing in real time. Patsy clarifies this is about returning Tony to normal, but Halcyon states that with his powers he could still do amazing things. Jim Hammond replies that Stark could instead cause irreparable damage, and War Machine agrees. The discussion between the Space Friends escalates, with Halcyon suggesting they could instead work to facilitate the Iron God's success, and Frog-Man pointing out that there have been worse people in his position. They are interrupted by the arrival of the Silver Surfer, who asks Hellcat why she summoned him.

At a conference room, Tony Stark is sitting at the end of a table with an expression of boredom, pondering that despite being a god, people still feel the need to reproach him. He's being hounded by numerous executives about several issues brought about by his actions. Tony thinks to himself and complains that this keeps happening even after mastering his physical appearance and choosing to look human to appease them. The man closest to Tony recommends him to re-examing his entire approach. Dejectedly, Tony thinks to himself that it's time to make a change, and snaps his fingers. The people suddenly become agreeable and commend Tony. Stark leans back, thinking to himself that even though he knows the value of yes men is little, they let him work. He clarifies it won't be a permanent change since he doesn't need everyone mindlessly agreeing with him, but only wants to achieve his vision with no setbacks. Tony stands up and announces that he's leaving. He leaves the room with the executives cheering him on. Stark thinks that it might be nice to visit his friends for a little without hearing them reproach him constantly.

Back at Patsy's courtyard, Doom has finished setting up a machine. He explains the Surfer can activate it to trigger a neutron explosion, rendering every particle in the perimeter atomically neutral. Tony announces his arrival from a distance. Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer fly away while Patsy walks back to greet Tony, and reminds her allies to act agreeable. The Space Friends position themselves in front of the machine to obscure it as Tony enters the terrace. Patsy enthusiastically greets Tony and acts assenting as he apologizes for making everybody in the city agree with him, including his friends. Tony grabs a slice of pizza as he explains himself, and Patsy looks back at the rest of the Space Friends to make sure they agree with him. Stark wonders why all of his friends are suited up, and Patsy explains that heroes are always on call. Tony asks Patsy if she doesn't think he's making a complete mess. She assures him that it's all of the process and tells him that he's doing great, but briefly hesitates to tell him she's proud of him. Putting his hand on Patsy's shoulder, Tony expresses that Patsy's words mean a lot, since he wants to do the right thing and make existence better, and he thinks it's important to have her support. Hellcat awkwardly smiles trying to keep the act, but the pretense shatters. She suddenly snaps at Tony and reprmands him. The Silver Surfer and Doom observe from a ledge above at this development.

Tony is offended that his friends were lying to him, and his eyes begin to glow in anger. The Silver Surfer flies down and fires energy at Tony, but Stark blasts him into a wall. Tony asks how did they become immune to him, and Doom jumps down to explain it was his doing and confronts Stark. Patsy makes a run for the device and begins setting it up with Frog-Man, but Tony knocks back Victor and blasts the machine into pieces. Stark blasts Doom again while calling him out for the annihilation of the hollow universe he saw. Doom is disintegrated, with only his helmet and hood remaining. The Silver Surfer charges at Tony, demanding him to stop. Tony claims to understand the Power Cosmic unlike Norrin, and liquifies him, turning him into a silver puddle. Tony walks towards Frog-Man and Gargoyle and kills them despite their pleas. He immolates the former, and then turns the latter into stone and shatters him. The Human Torch and War Machine fire at Tony, but he doesn't even flinch, and continue trying to appeal to him. With the gesture of a hand, Stark suffocates Jim, and with an energy blast, he destroys Rhodey's shoulder-mounted gun. Tony goads Halcyon and admits that he is jealous of his calm and unflinching demeanor. The racer tells Tony that it comes with confidence, something that Stark didn't have behind the wheel or even now. Tony makes a gesture, elevating Halcyon's blood pressue until his heart explodes, and he drops dead. Tony turns his attention to Rhodey again, calling to attention that it is now the two of them, the two Iron Men. Rhodey continues pleading for Tony to stop, but Stark transforms into his armored appearance. He states that he knows people behind his back claim that Rhodey wears the armor better than Tony and that he should be Iron Man instead. Rhodey points out that he got a suit of armor and that Tony used to be fine with the one he had and didn't need more, but now it seems he can't get enough. Tony reminds him that he became the Iron God to stop Korvac. War Machine tells him that he doesn't see Korvac anywhere, and that instead the only threatening cosmic being bent on conquest is Tony himself. When Tony disputes that this isn't about conquest, Rhodey states that he thinks this is about Tony's need for being right, which always mattered too much to him. He says that Tony could rid himself of the Power Cosmic at any time, but he hasn't, and that it's wrong. The Iron God maintains that doing so is not that easy, since with this power he finally has a chance to make a difference. Rhodey tells Tony that this is how he felt when he built his first suit, and that he made a difference. He also states that even before that, Tony had the money and the influence; that always had more than what he needed, and asks Tony what is he so afraid of. The Iron God fires a blast at Rhodey, screaming that he is not afraid. Rhodey dodges and it barely graces his armor. He throws a punch, telling Tony to wake up. Tony catches Rhodey's fist and punches him in the face with such force it breaks Rhodey's neck. The Iron God laments Rhodey's death as Hellcat is recovering her footing behind him. With all of her allies dead, Patsy asks Tony if it's her turn. She finds comfort in the fact she will at least go out a hero, and a friend. Tony looks at Patsy and disappears his helmet, revealing his crying face underneath. He bows down in anguish in front of her.

Solicit Synopsis

Tony Stark roils with the Power Cosmic – the Iron Man now the IRON GOD! But despite his best intentions, is this truly a good thing for the Earth and the universe? Patsy Walker, A.K.A. HELLCAT, really doesn't think so…which is why she's gone for broke and enlisted the help of one DOCTOR DOOM. But if there's anybody who can make Tony angry, it's Victor… What happens when a cosmically powered Stark feels betrayed by the world's most arrogant Latverian? Likely, nothing short of total devastation.


  • As per its corner box legacy numbering, this issue corresponds to Iron Man #642.
  • When the Space Friends are marvelled at her apartment, Hellcat explains she managed to afford it due to her mother having been a pretty successful writer back in the day. An editor's note cites Defenders #89. In this issue, Patsy attends the funeral of her mother Dorothy. It is also revealed that the teen-humor magazines that Patsy starred in from the 1940s to the early 1960 were an in-universe work of fiction of Patsy's mother. An idealized version of Patsy's youth, the royalties from these magazines earned Dorothy a large sum of money.
  • During his confrontation with Doctor Doom, Tony Stark states that he saw the result of Doom annihilating an entire universe. An editor's note cites Iron Man (Vol. 6) #15, in which Tony discovered the remains of a universe destroyed in its entirety by Victor in Doctor Doom #10.
  • Patsy's line of dialogue stating she will die as a hero and a friend is a callback to a conversation between her and Tony from Iron Man (Vol. 6) #10, in which Patsy calls him that.


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