This comic will be released on April 14, 2021.

Solicit Synopsis

Tony Stark has vanished in the middle of outer space, and his friends are moments away from death at Korvac's hands. It's up to a shell-shocked Hellcat to dig deep into her mind with the help of old friend and psychic mentor Moondragon, who reaches across the universe to help Patsy reclaim the once-powerful mental abilities she left behind. But to reignite those powers, Hellcat is going to have to face some pretty frightening demons in her past…one of them literally the Son of Satan himself.


  • Juann Cabal was originally solicited as the guest artist for this issue before being replaced by Angel Unzueta.[1]
  • Following this issue, the series will go on a one-month hiatus to reflect the events of Heroes Reborn, in which reality is warped so the Avengers never formed, with Tony Stark never having become Iron Man.[1]

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