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Meet the all-new, all-different, all-deadly WHIPLASH in this special in-continuity lead-in to the Iron Man 2 movie. Who is Anton Vanko and why does he blame Tony Stark for the murder of thousands? For that matter, why does the United Nations? Brannon Bragga (24) and Marc Guggenheim (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and artist Phil Briones (SUB-MARINER: REVOLUTION) have the answers!


  • The reality where this mini series takes place is a confusing one. It seemingly can't be Earth-616 because Anton Vanko was the original Crimson Dynamo who died, and here they act like they've never met. Yet it's also NOT the movie continuity because it contradicts the movie plot, and Whiplash's name is different. The only true solution if this series is meant to be Earth-616 is that the new Whiplash just happens to be another man named Anton Vanko. Also, he latter appeared in the comic series Secret Avengers as part of the Masters of Evil.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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