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Quote1.png Damn, Pepper, that's as preposterous as guys with spider powers or giants who eat planets. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

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  • Iron Man Armor


Synopsis for 1st story

Six months earlier, in the village of Volstok, Russia, Anton Vanko and his father Igor were working on a laser together when they heard an explosion come from outside of their house. At first, Igor assumed that Putin had sent the army to their village, but then, they saw Tony Stark flying in the sky, firing lasers. Anton ran back into his house to pick up the laser that he and his father had worked on and used it to fire on Iron Man. Iron Man and Anton exchanged fire until the former caused the latter's house to explode with his father inside, killing him. Anton vowed revenge on Iron Man for the death of his father and was able to hit him with a blast of his laser, causing a piece of armor to fall off, which he walked towards.

In the present, in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Tony Stark was on trial for the destruction in Volstok, to which he pleaded innocent to, claiming that he was in his Los Angeles estate at the time. Next, Tony was shown videos captured by a N.A.T.O. that appeared to show him attacking Volstok. It was also pointed out that a Russian train station spotted Tony Stark as he crossed the border. A C.I.A. agent stated that Volstok was home to a resistance movement attempting to secede from the Russian Federation and believed that Stark could have been hired by the Russian government to put down their resistance. Additionally, the C.I.A. claimed that $250 million dollars had been deposited into an offshore account owned by Stark Industries. Next, the Red Guardian of Russia's Winter Guard, who had helped apprehend Stark was called to testify. Red Guardian claimed that he tracked Stark to an abandoned missile silo in Montana.

One week earlier, in a flashback, in Bridger Ridgeline Mountain Range, Montana, the Red Guardian entered an abandoned missile silo where he encountered Tony Stark and attempted to arrest him for the destruction in Volstok. Red Guardian and Iron Man fought briefly before the latter flew out and encountered Crimson Dynamo outside, who attended to pursue him as well. Suddenly, Tony received a transmission from Pepper Potts who urged Tony to turn himself into them until his innocence could be proven.

Back in the present, Tony's counsel is urging him to plead guilty. Back in Volstok, Anton Vanko finished developing a suit that he would use as Whiplash.

Solicit Synopsis

Continuing the intro of the all-new, all-deadly Whiplash! Tony Stark is behind bars with dictators, despots and war criminals – and there's nowhere else Whiplash would rather have him! How is this new nemesis formed from Stark’s own armor, and why does he want Iron Man destroyed? Before he tears up the screen in Iron Man II, be there for the arrival of the new Whiplash in the Marvel U!

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