Toni Ho (Earth-616) and Aikku Jokinen (Earth-616) from U.S.Avengers Vol 1 6 001

This armor was created by Toni Ho, as the next step of her Iron Patriot Armor. It was first deployed when the U.S.Avengers confronted Hydra forces in Washington, D.C..[1]

Unfortunately, the suit was quickly neutralized by the Red Hulk, who dismantled its arms and legs after his body was taken over by nanites controlled by Hydra.[2] Toni was stripped of the rest of the armor when she was imprisoned in a reeducation camp.[3]



Continuing Toni Ho's tendency to create bulkier suits of armor over time, the torso section of this armor is the only one occupied by its pilot. The suit is equipped with an on-board computer, a HUD and radio communcations. Additionally, the armor grants its user the ability to fly.[4]

Toni Ho (Earth-616) and Aikku Jokinen (Earth-616) from U.S.Avengers Vol 1 6 003

Offensive Powers

While the armor isn't meant to possess lethal weaponry, it's equipped with a shoulded gun which fires concussion blasts capable of knocking down the Red Hulk.[2]

Defensive Powers

The suit can endure up to a certain amount of damage, resisting a punch from the Red Hulk before he started tearing it apart.[2]

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