Using his rival Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor as a template, Michael Hall created five suits of biomechanical armor using samples taken from the Carnage symbiote. Five PMCs - codenamed Royal Blue, Burnt Orange, Firebrick, Paris Green, and Gun Metal - were equipped with these suits to serve as Hall Industries' personal superhero team, the Iron Rangers.[2]

When Tanis Nieves and a truck containing Frances Barrison were attacked by the Doppelganger, Royal Blue and Firebrick were dispatched and seemingly killed the monster; getting into an altercation with Spider-Man and Iron Man.[3] When the two superheroes attempted to infiltrate Hall Industries R&D facility, they were confronted by the entire team in a terse standoff that was broken when Dr. Nieves was taken over by the Carnage symbiote.[2]

When the Carnage symbiote reunited with Cletus Kasady,[4] the serial killer used its newly developed ability to control offshoots of itself to kill the Iron Rangers and assimilate their armor, becoming "Mass Carnage".[5] Mass Carnage was able to hack Iron Man's Bleeding Edge Armor using the suits' biotechnology and briefly assimilated it, but was overwhelmed by Spider-Man and Dr. Nieves, who had bonded to the biomechanical Scorn symbiote. While the Mass Carnage construct was destroyed, by that time Carnage had escaped and was remotely piloting it as a diversion.[1]


The Iron Ranger armor was capable of flight through the use of boot-mounted propulsion jets. Using the symbiote-derived shapeshifting capabilities, the Iron Ranger armor is capable of manifesting weapons such as claws, blades, and plasma cannons. The Iron Ranger armor can also fire nets formed from the Carnage symbiote's constituent matter.[6]

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