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This model is an improvement from the test models of Tony Stark's youth. It was used by Stark during his first missions with the Ultimates, made after the Chitauri Invasion. An older "clunker" is held in reserve.

It needs a full crew to help Tony Stark to suit up as well to monitor it.

Stark started using an upgraded version of this armor after the Chitauri invasion, but stopped using it during Ultimatum, where he returned to the previous version of the Iron Tech armor.

This upgraded version is stated to be way more stable than the previous armor. It's been used in combat against the Kree,[1] Thor,[2] and a Venom-possessed Spider-Man.[3] It's also been used in rescue missions, for example, to save an European submarine.

After the Ultimatum downgrade, the armor was heavily damaged during a battle with the Ghost and later finished off against Howard Stark's forces. Then, Tony decided to use a more aerodynamic and compact armor.


A special liquid helps insulate the wearer.

Repulsors and lasers can be fired from the palm ports.

The deflector dish can emit energies, but is primarily used for a forcefield that can expand to a 500-meter radius.

A smaller "bubble" of force can be used for capture and containment.

Neuroscramblers can temporarily disable others.

The suit is designed for "light negation", a form of cloaking.

Flashbulbs can be launched to provide extra illumination and sensor array.

A satellite array helps with recharging.


  • The Iron Tech armor was noted as upgraded from its earlier version in Ultimates 2 #2.
  • There is no explanation as to why Stark stopped using the upgraded version and returned to the previous one after the Liberators' attack. However, it could be assumed that the upgraded armor was destroyed by the Liberators, and since Ultron stole the next one almost immediately after its first appearance, Tony didn't have time to build a new one.

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