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The Iron Wing is a new drone vehicle developed by Iron Man and Stark Industries using technology similar to the Iron Man Armor.[1]


The Iron Wing on display at the Stark Expo

Engineered by Iron Man and Stark Industries, the Iron Wing was a newly developed drone vehicle first showcased at the Stark Expo in Hong Kong. Iron Wings are essentially commercial vehicles version of Iron Man Armor and use much of the same technology. Iron Wings are remotely piloted by J.A.R.V.I.S. and can be modified to several different environments or specialized tasks.[1][2]

The different Iron Wing models are on display at in the Hall of Mobility at the Stark Expo in Hong Kong.[1]


Mark III - "Doc"

The Doc, Iron Wing Mark III

The Iron Wing Mark III, known as "The Doc", is designed as a firefighting and emergency medical drone distributed by Stark Life Safety Solutions. The Doc has a flight ceiling of 10 km and can withstand temperatures up to +2800 K. The Doc is equipped with multiple fire hoses and a high reach rescue boom. The Doc's dimensions are 14,385 mm by 6,235 mm.[1]

Mark V - "Heavyweight"

Heavyweight, the Iron Wing Mark V

The Iron Wing Mark V, known as "Heavyweight", is designed as a heavy construction drone distributed by Stark Engineering. The Heavyweight can lift up to 26,000 kg and sustain flight for 23,000 km. The Heavyweight is equipped with an overhead arm and claw grapple, side arms with bucket loaders, and a pneumatic drill. The Mako's dimensions are 14,985 mm by 6,695 mm.[1]

Mark VI - "Mako"

Mako, the Iron Wing Mark VI

The Iron Wing Mark VI, known as "Mako", is designed as a deep-sea service drone distributed by Stark Oceanics. The Mako can descend 11 km and has traveled to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The Mako has a top underwater speed of 350 knots and is equipped with 3D HD surveillance cameras and claw arm. The Mako's is 16,175 mm by 8,120 mm.[1]

Mark VII - "Supernova"

Supernova, the Iron Wing Mark VII

The Iron Wing Mark VII, known as "Supernova", is designed as a space exploration drone distributed by Stark Galactic. The Supernova can achieve speeds of up to 80 km per seconds, making it the fastest man-made object ever built. The Supernova is equipped with advanced laser-guided flight tracking and can carry a cargo payload of 17,0000 kg. The Supernova's dimensions are 14,385 mm by 5,560 mm.[1]

Mark VIII - "Expo Edition"

Expo Edition, the Iron Wing Mark VIII

The Iron Wing Mark VIII is the "Expo Edition" designed as a flying passenger vehicle. as a space exploration drone. The Expo Edition can seat 45 passengers and is equipped with self-repairing Stark Everglass windshields, an upgraded Arc Reactor, and "a sweet surround sound system". The Expo Edition's dimensions are 18,285 mm by 15,235 mm.[1]



  • Each Iron Wing model has a number labeled on them, but these numbers appear to not correspond with the Iron Wing's mark (with the exception of the Mark VIII/Expo Edition).
    • Mako is labeled as 3, but it's mark VI.
    • Heavyweight is labeled as 9, but it's mark V.
    • Supernova is labeled as 2, but it's mark VII.
    • Doc is labeled as 5, but it's mark III.
    • Expo Edition is labeled as 8 and is the mark VIII.
  • Marks I, II, and IV are not showcased or mentioned.

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