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Following the destruction of the Ironheart Armor Model 2 at the hands of Thanos on Chitauri Prime, Riri Williams, with encouragement by her fellow Champion Viv, began construction on a new suit of armor.[3] The end result was the Ironheart 3.0, which Riri completed shortly after returning to Earth.[1]



Compared to the Model 2, the Model 3 features a revised design which improves many of her previous suit's facilities, specifically durability and aerodynamics.[3] The new design makes the suit lighter, faster, and more powerful and can be stored in a specialized bracer worn on Riri's left wrist when not in use. When activated, the armor deploys and assembles around the user in a matter of seconds. More advanced features include a dynamic faceplate which can changes its opacity between solid and transparent for improved visibility.[1] The suit also features on-board artificial intelligence which supports many of the suit's more complex functions including tactical analysis and scanning of targets.[4]

Offensive Powers

The armor comes equipped with repulsor weaponry, namely repulsor beams and a unibeam. An array of micro-impact precision missiles (M.I.P.s) can be launched from the suit's forearms.[4] The armor is also equipped with numerous nonlethal confrontation options, including a flashbang and ultrasonic emitters.[2]


Transmuted by the Siege Parallel

  • When the Champions ventured into Weirdworld using the Siege Parallel, the artifact transmuted the young heroes. It altered their appearance and past history. Riri was transformed into the virtuous paladin Lady Ironheart, and her suit became a chainmail armor accompanied by a mace.[6] The armor was further altered after Vivid Vessel fused herself with it to empower Riri.[7]

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