Following the destruction of the Ironheart Armor Model 2 at the hands of Thanos on Chitauri Prime, Riri Williams, with encouragement by her fellow Champion Viv, began construction on a new suit of armor.[3] The end result was the Ironheart 3.0, which Riri completed shortly after returning to Earth.[1]



Compared to the Model 2, the Model 3 features a revised design which improves many of her previous suit's facilities, specifically durability and aerodynamics.[3] The new design makes the suit lighter, faster, and more powerful and can be stored in a specialized bracer worn on Riri's left wrist when not in use. When activated, the armor deploys and assembles around the user in a matter of seconds. More advanced features include a dynamic faceplate which can changes its opacity between solid and transparent for improved visibility.[1] The suit also features on-board artificial intelligence which supports many of the suit's more complex functions including tactical analysis and scanning of targets.[4]

Offensive Powers

The armor comes equipped with repulsor weaponry, namely repulsor beams and a unibeam. An array of micro-impact precision missiles (M.I.P.s) can be launched from the suit's forearms.[4]


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