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  • Unnamed mugger (Apparent death)
  • 🢐 Wolverine 🢒 (Main story and flashback) (Cameo)

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Synopsis for "Ant-Man"

The story begins with a mugger attempting to steal a woman's purse. He tries to stab the woman but is punched and knocked out by the new Ant-Man. After Ant-Man gives back the purse, he offers to buy her dinner as a way for her to say thank you to him. She accepts.

Six months earlier, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Eric O'Grady, Mitch Carson, Chris McCarthy, and others play poker in Mitch's Helicarrier living quarters and discuss whether or not Nick Fury is a real person. Eric and Chris later leave due to the late time. Meanwhile, Hank Pym finishes a long day of work working on a new Ant-Man suit, only to discover that he missed his shuttle home. He prepares to go to his temporary quarters, nearly missing his time as Ant-Man while shutting off the lights.

The next day, Eric and Chris arrive almost late at their stations in the lowly position of surveillance agents. Eric's unrequited crush, Veronica, walks by behind them, and it is shown that Chris is going to be going on a date with her later that night, much to Eric's jealousy. Hank Pym also prepares to work and reveals to four agents - including Mitch - that S.H.I.E.L.D. is creating a government-sponsored Ant-Man, and that one of them will be that Ant-Man.

As Eric and Chris eat dinner, Chris explains that Veronica had asked him out the day before. Eric also says that he broke up with a weapons storage agent named Kirsten two weeks before. Chris later goes on his date, where it is revealed that he and Veronica have been dating for quite a long time, and that Chris did not want Eric to know because of his feelings (he has already asked Veronica out twice; if it happened two more times, Veronica will likely quit).

The next day, Mitch calls Eric and Chris over. He asks them to stand guard outside a door while he surveys Wolverine with Dum-Dum Dugan. While they are outside, the two begin to wonder how they are supposed to fire the gun and whether or not they are supposed to prevent people from coming in or from coming out. As they began to panic, Dr. Pym comes out, and Eric promptly hits him with the back of the gun, knocking him out cold. They bring him into the room, which is revealed to be his lab and wait for Mitch to come back. As they wait, they see the new Ant-Man suit. Chris, having always loved superheroism, puts it on. But as he tries to take it off, he activates its mechanics, causing him to shrink. Eric, panicking again, flees.

When Mitch finds him, Eric explains what happened. Mitch then reveals the Ant-Man program to Eric, and that he and the other agents involved are the suspects for who stole the suit. In the meantime, Eric is to not talk about what is going on to anyone. Chris, meanwhile, gets stuck in the ventilation system.

The next day, Chris has still not been found. Veronica asks Eric where he is, and so Eric lies that he does not know anything. Veronica then tells Eric the truth about her relationship with Chris. Eric takes matters into his own hands and says that Chris has actually been going out with the girl Eric had been dating. Chris sees this in his microscopy.

Back in the present, the woman goes to the bar, where Ant-Man appears in his regular civilian clothes. Who is this new Ant-Man? ERIC O'GRADY.

Solicit Synopsis

Introducing the world's WORST superhero! When a low-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent gets a hold of Hank Pym's new Ant-Man suit you know the Marvel Universe is in trouble. He's not concerned with saving the world or helping others. He's concerned with getting through the day and getting a leg up on life. He's not going to use his powers responsibly, he's going to use them for the betterment of himself. He's ANT-MAN a NEW "hero" for the modern world.

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