Captain Irving Forbush climbed the ranks of the New York City Police Department and gained the rank of Captain. As such, he was honoured by displaying his portrait inside the 15th Precinct Police Station.[1][2][3]

Captain Forbush was also chosen to be the face of some of the campaigns developed by the police department. One of such campaigns encouraged citizens to report any crimes they may witness.[4] Another was a recruitment campaign to become members of the police department, encouraging citizens to join their ranks.[5]

"Forbush and Associates got me $5.2 million."

Forbush then became a partner of a company called Forbush and Associates, that advertised in in long-distance autobuses. Per its publicity, a person can obtain great amounts of money by doing little more than getting in contact with Forbush.[6]

  • This is the second character portrayed by Stan Lee to be based on a character from the comics, the first one being Willie Lumpkin in the 2005 film Fantastic Four.
  • This is the second time Stan Lee has made cameo appearance in an adaptation of Daredevil, the first time being in the 2003 film Daredevil.

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