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Quote1.png Money. Is that all you people care about? You'll do whatever it takes to turn a buck, won't you? Why, next you'll be telling me that you're changing the color of the Hulk, making everyone into Skrulls and completely doing away with Spider-Man's ██████! All this just to sell a few more copies? ... Why isn't someone keeping an eye on you degenerates? Quote2.png
Forbush Man[src]


Irving Forbush was originally the office gofer at Marble Comics, and lived in a house with his shrewish maiden aunt, Auntie Mayhem who was indirectly responsible for her nephew becoming a superhero (in a fit of pique, she slams the fabled cooking pot over Irving's head, inadvertently providing him with the disguise he'd been looking for).[citation needed]

Forbush Man went on to triumph over a number of super-powered adversaries. All of his victories were purely accidental; lacking superhuman powers, dumb luck necessarily played a major role in all of his adventures.[citation needed]

Search for group membership

Forbush Man later applied for membership with the Revengers, S.H.E.E.S.H. and finally the Echhs-Men. After each attempt ends in disaster for the group concerned, Forbush is offered a position in 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band', which he declines, believing it better to "quit while I'm still behind." Forbush Man later fought against 'the Strangie'.[7]


Forbush Man was trying to collect every Marvel character's autograph, and he tried to collect Rhinose' autograph, but Rhinose was so tired of Forbush-Man bugging him that he knocked him through the panel into the Larval Earth.

Forbush-Man crashed into the local laundromat where Peter Porker was getting a shirt ironed and landed on the boar who ran the laundromat, Won-Ton, smashing him in the ironing board just Peter arrived as Spider-Ham. Won-Ton emerged from the ironing board, empowered, and with two irons in his hands declaring that he would now be a super-villain called the Ironing Boar. Forbush-Man asked for Spider-Ham's autograph in the middle of the fight, and got wrapped up in Spider-Ham's webbing, pulling Spider-Ham off the ceiling and hitting him against the floor. Forbush-Man then asked Ironing Boar for his autograph, and Ironing Boar angrily knocked Forbush-Man's autograph book out of his hand and it hit a bottle of cleaner on a shelf which spilled onto Ironing Boar and diminished his powers. Spider-Ham asked Forbush-Man how he could repay him, and Forbush-Man asked him to sign his autograph book, and explained his universe predicament. Spider-Ham then catapulted Forbush-Man back to the Marble Universe, only for Forbush-Man to crash right back into Rhinose' apartment.[8]

Charlie America and other affairs

Irving Forbush (Earth-665) from Deadpool Too Soon? Infinite Comic Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Irving Forbush was eventually recruited by the government and took part in a top-secret experiment that supposedly gave him abilities similar to that of Captain America. He was then trained by the Tuskmaster, before going out on his only mission to stop the diabolical Red Skulk.[1] At some point on Earth-91119 the Mayor of Superhero City mistook Iron Man for Forbush Man while handing him the key to the city.[9] Spider-Man of Earth-TRN579 mistook a quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for one of Forbush's.[10] Irving Forbush was mentioned by Janitor Stan of Earth-12041 to have been someone who picked on him as he lectured Peter Parker to fend for himself against Flash Thompson. He went about how he stood up to Irving the other day as Peter snuck away.[11] Irving was again mentioned by Stan as he worried what Irving might think of him after getting trapped in one of the school's S.H.I.E.L.D. traps.[12]

New Paramounts

Forbush Man was one member of the New Paramounts who were brought together by Number None based on the characters of Not Brand Echh Vol 1. He was pitted against Nextwave and raised his pot helmet and unleashed visions upon them, each person experiencing a reality that was terrible to them. He was apparently killed by Tabitha Smith after his power failed on her since she apparently had no mind worth affecting.[13]

Who Won't Wield the Shield?

Forbush Man returned and was one of a long line of people who were chosen as the ones to not wield Captain America's Shield when Captain America returned to replace Bucky Barnes as Captain America. Forbush Man accused Marvel Comics of bringing the Steve Rogers Captain America back only because they thought it would turn more profit.[14]

Too Soon?

At some point, Forbush Man was murdered by a mysterious killer, and Deadpool suspected that someone was killing off Marvel's funniest characters. Deadpool teamed with Punisher, Ant-Man, and Squirrel Girl to figure out who did it.[15] Ultimately discovering that the killer was Paen-Umbra, Deadpool forced the Shadow-Demon to resurrect Forbush Man and everyone else he'd recently murdered while seeking to win the affections of Queen Shiklah.[16] He was part of an illusion seen by a brainwashed Deadpool, where he served as judge during a trial at the New York State Supreme Court Building.[17]


Power Grid[20]
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  • Forbush Vision: Forbush Man has the power to project utterly realistic visions into the minds of others when he removes the cast-iron pot on his head. The hallucinations typically depict a reality that is hellish to each victim, slowly killing them as they struggle against it.[6]
  • Super-Soldier Formula[6]


  • Dumb Luck brings him unexpecetd victory.[6]
  • Looking Good: Forbush Man's costume is not found strange at all by others.[6]
  • Fourth Wall Breaking: Forbush Man can break the Fourth Wall.[14]
  • Forbush-Speak[6]


  • Weakling: Forbush has the proportionate strength of a schoolboy.[6]
  • His Forbush Vision had no effect on Tabitha Smith, as she apparently had no mind at all.[18]



  • Cast-Iron Helmet


  • Gun


Stan Lee frequently used the name "Irving Forbush" for an imaginary Marvel Comics employee who was the butt of jokes in his letters columns and his "Stan Lee's Soapbox" editorials. The actual origin of the name is unknown.

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