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Quote1.png For a thousand years, the Brotherhood of the Shield had a rallying cry: 'This is not how the world ends.' It was posturing...defiance. A thing of hope and promise. A statement about the potential of man. I alone know better because I know exactly when the world will end. For I possess the silent truth. I am Isaac Newton. Some men call me will call me master. Quote2.png
Sir Isaac Newton[src]

Sir Isaac Newton was a 17th century English physicist and mathematician who is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution.[2] He was also Sorcerer Supreme[1] and leader of the Brotherhood of the Shield.[3]


Early Life

Isaac Newton was born at Woolsthorpe Manor in Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth, Lincolnshire, England. He was born to illiterate farmers but was a child prodigy, he excelled in schools especially regarding science and mathematics.[2] He considered numbers his first prison and was distracted after having an "Apple" fall on his head while siting under a tree. This lead to him being beaten by his step-father after failing to save a sheep from being attacked by a wolf. He was later bullied at school due to his academic pursuits.[4]

His genius led him to study at Cambridge University where he gained a MSc in mathematics.[2] It was during his time there his interest in science lead to his study in Magic.[4] He also served as Warden of the Royal Mint, a Member of Parliament for Cambridge and mathematic professor.[2]

Brotherhood of the Shield

While still a young man at Cambridge he was taken to the Immortal City and recruited into the Brotherhood of the Shield and was personally mentored by the leader of the High Council; Galileo Galilei. During his time there he learned of his mentors battle against Galactus the devourer of worlds.[5]

In 1625, as part of his service for Shield, Newton traveled to Ashomia, the Deviant city, where he was captured. The Deviant ruler found his DNA interesting and forced him to mate with a Deviant woman named Morda. He lived among the Deviants until he could steal the secret knowledge contained in their holy book, claiming it for the Brotherhood. He called this knowledge the "Hidden Arts", saying it wasn't science, but "something sideways...something bent...refracted. Something alien and devout." This knowledge became permanently written in his skin after he burned the city down and escaped.[5] Morda gave birth to a human-looking infant around 1630 when Newton fled. She was blamed for his treasonous acts and confronted by a mob. In order to save her child, Leonid, she gave him to the Forever Man. The child was taken through time and was given to Nikola Tesla, aka the Night Machine, who raised him as his own.[2]

Newton later discovered the "The Secret Alchemy," which used the Elixir of Life, and allowed him to live forever. He captured Nostradamus in 1652, and made him immortal as well while using him as a seer and forcing him to reveal visions of the future. Immortality also gave Isaac clarity of thought, and he discovered the "Quiet Math," which was the "divine structure for ultimate deduction." Using this, he determined that the world would end in 2060. This knowledge was designated, by Newton himself, as the "Silent Truth". Armed with the Silent Truth, he knew the old ways of the Brotherhood had to change. In he murdered Galileo and took control of the Brotherhood.[5]

Sorcerer Supreme

Isaac Newton (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme Vol 1 2 001.jpg

Newton continued seeking out knowledge in the mystic arts hoping to discover an escape from the predestination of mathematical formulas. Newton's powers and knowledge eventually became so great that he was named the Sorcerer Supreme during a period of time when the Ancient One was presumed dead. Newton took control of one of the Mindless Ones to act as his servant. He gave him the name the Mindful One.[1] During this time, Newton continued to search for the fabled Word of God. His search led him to the Never Hills of the Dark Dimension where he encountered another Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.[4]

Now leader of the Brotherhood he began to murder his intellectual rivals. In 1662 he drowned Blaise Pascal in formalin not water to underline the fact. He left an "Apple" as his calling card at every murder.[6]

In 1687, he published his Magnum Opus; Principia Mathematica which outlined universal gravitation and the laws of motion.[2]

18th century

In the early 1700's he stabbed Robert Hooke in an alley letting people believe it was a robbery gone wrong, he strangled John Locke, he poisoned John Flamsteed at a dinner party.[6] In 1707, Gottfried Liebniz began to grow suspicious on Newton and his membership with a secret society. He figured he must be responsible for the murders of all those great minds. Newton travelled to Hannover to confront and bludgeoned him to death using a book, he left an "Apple" before returning to England.[6]

On 31 March 1727 he faked his death and history recorded the loss of one of it's greatest thinkers.[citation needed]

19th century

In 1806, three men broke into the Immortal City in hopes of finding Nostradamus. They succeeded but before the could free him and ask him questions Newton's Brotherhood of the Shield intervened and killed two of the men. While one escaped he was mortally wounded but was able to deliver a message to Michelangelo stating "Preseveres".[6]

20th century

In 1953, he sent agents; Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richards to bring Leonid to the Immortal City. He was brought before the Shield High Council who revealed the truth about the organization and asked him to join.[3] In the 1956, Newton continued to torture Nostradamus and used him to predict the return of the Star Child. Leonardo da Vinci returned to the city and revealed the truth about the organization and Newton.He found him chained up and was disgusted by Newton's actions over the passed 500 years. He revealed he was able to cope as he knew one day he would free him.[7] They was brought before the council to be questioned regarding their actions.[5] Newton was shocked at the return of Da Vinci and dismissed the court when he revealed the Human Machine. He left with a warning that he was here to take back control of the Brotherhood.[8] Over the next few months the organization split taking sides with the great leaders, with the conflict growing the groups prepared for war.[8] In 1960 the battle began with explosions across the Immortal City. Leonid tried to use his powers to put an end to it but failed.[9] Stark and Richards brought the Last Caliphate to the city and announced to Michelangelo that they would travel to the end of human history not knowing whether to save the world or see it burn. Tesla told Leonid that the three represent the branches of time, what is, what has been before and what will be. They then embarked on the Human Machine into the future facing three scenarios where they would always clash with Newton.[10] In all three scenarios, the group and the three brothers perished in the fight with Newton and the Star Child.[11] Leonid used with his powers and the Human Machine to defeat Newton and restored reality by bringing the Last Caliphate back to life.[12]



Through his mastery of science and sorcery, Isaac Newton has developed several powers including:

  • Extreme Intelligence: Newton is one of the smartest individuals to ever live.
    • Expert Engineer: He is an excellent engineer and inventor.
  • Longevity: Through the usage of the Elixir of Life, Newton has become nearly immortal.[8]
  • Flight[1]
  • Energy Manipulation: Using his sceptre, Newton can discharge beams of energy or create protective force fields.[1]
  • Summoning: Newton can summon mystical creatures to do his bidding.[4]
  • Astral Projection[4]
  • Demonic Transformation: Since stealing the Spirit of Vengeance from Kushala, Newton possesses the supernatural ability to transform into the Demon Rider.[13]



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