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Quote1 ...I wish there was a way to protect people from evil men and their weapons! I wish I could make something...Like a suit of armor-- as strong as my father's iron locomotives! Quote2
Isaac Stark[src]


Isaac Stark was the son of a railroad's president.[1] As a kid, he worked on his family's wheat fields, prompting him to design a better harvesting machine.[2]

Isaac Stark, Sr

As a young boy

When he was still young, Isaac was kidnapped by the Wizard of the West, the leader of a band of train robbers equipped with advanced alien technology the Wizard had found in a cave. When the vigilante Rawhide Kid came to Isaac's rescue, the alien guarding the cave stopped the Wizard of the West, frowning upon his misuse of his technology. The alien then left the planet to report back to his people that there was still potential good on Earth, evidenced by the Rawhide Kid's heroism.[1]

Later in his life, Isaac founded Stark Industries, turning his manufacturing and engineering business into a global industrial superpower. In present day, a statue of him was erected at the Stark Industries Main Plant in Long Island, where the company originated.[3]

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