Isabel Ferguson lived on the outskirts of Montreal with her infant daughter, Madeline. She worked from home as an independent inventor, primarily of weapons. One of her clients, Maverick, for whom she designed weapons and body armor, at a deep discount as he had once saved her father's life.[1]

It was her involvement with Maverick that lead to Ivan Pushkin ransacking her house, looking for Maverick who had been there the day before. While Isabel and Madeline hid in a saferoom, Maverick and his associate, Elena Ivanova, were captured. Isabel waited until only one security guard remained and she disabled him. Her ex-husband, Michel, arrived to take Madeline for the weekend and was furious at the danger in which Isabel had placed their daughter. Isabel agreed to cut ties with Maverick for fear of losing custody of her daughter.[2]

After two weeks of hunting down Maverick and Elena, Isabel was finally able to find Elena and free her from Pushkin's captivity. Discovering that Maverick had been brainwashed, the two tracked him down, only to discover he had thrown off the brainwashing himself.[3] Despite her promise to Michel, Isabel continued to work with Maverick on at least two more occasions.[4][5]


  • Gifted inventor

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