During the early 20th century, the daughter of the villainous Deadly Ernest, young Isabel St. Ives, was witness to her father accidentally killing her mother, an act for which she swore vengeance on him. To gain her revenge, Isabel became Nemesis and created a sword using both science and sorcery. She first encountered the team of Canadian heroes Alpha Flight when team members Northstar and Aurora were battling her father. Using her sword, she sliced her father to pieces and, secure in the knowledge that her revenge was complete, disappeared. When her father was resurrected by the creature named Scramble and succeeded in killing most of Alpha Flight, Nemesis returned. She managed to keep Alpha Flight alive using the life force of Ernest's previous victims, and Puck used her sword to slay him once and for all. She then disappeared.

A second Nemesis later appeared as the leader of the second Gamma Flight.


Nemesis' sword has allowed her to live an extended life, using the life force of those she kills. It also enables her to fly. If she is separated from her sword, her body begins to degenerate.



  • Name revealed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z TPB #1, 2011; clarification made between three separate women as Nemesis.

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